The lost treasure of Emperor of Mexico.



Where is the lost treasure of the Emperor of Mexico?

Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph was one Emperor of Mexico that was loved by many but also hated by many. It is believed that French Emperor Napoleon III and a conservative group of Mexicans schemed to crown him Emperor on June 10, 1864. There were devious reasons that the French Emperor and this conservative group desired to have Maximilian Emperor of Mexico. Mexico at this time owed a debt to Napoleon III and he wished to collect what was due him and the government of Benito Juarez was too liberal for this French Emperor. Juarez suspended the payment of $15 million and lied to Maximilian when he was told that the Mexican people had voted for him to be their new Emperor. Maximilian did agree to move to Mexico and take over the crown after much persuasion. He went to Mexico with his wife Carlota and his own personal French army in 1864.

Maximilian was not the harsh cold conservative that the French had desire as an Emperor to Mexico. He loved the people of Mexico and ruled as a father would over his children.

The American Civil War came to an end in 1865 and the United States then ordered the French to leave Mexico as it was a clear violation of the Monroe Doctrine. At this time, Carlota, Maximilianís wife returned to Europe to seek help from Napoleon III and Pope Pius IX that were behind this scheme. However, of course since Maximilian was not the puppet they had envisioned and they did nothing to aid Maximilian or Carlota. Carlota became unstable understanding what this could mean for her husband, she had an emotional and mental breakdown. She was not able to return to Mexico and to her loving husband. She became a recluse in Laeken, Belgium and died alone in 1927.

The French did move as ordered by the United States after about one year in 1867. Juarez and his troops moved back into Mexico City. Without the aid that Maximilian needed to fight off Juarez and his troops, he fled with the supporters he still had to Queretaro. After he was captured, rulers in Europe did protest but nothing was to stop Juarez and his troops from making sure that this ruler never got a chance to rule again. He was executed outside Queretaro on June 19, 1867. This day many that believed in Maximilian and his fatherly way of ruling mourned the day while others of course were glad.

Maximilian before his capture and death knew what the future held and because of this he collected his treasures which were Australian, Spanish, and American gold coins, gold and silver plate and some bullion. This is how the legend goes anyway. He had all his treasures places onto wagons with the instructions for the drivers to go to San Antonio, Texas and then to Galveston, Texas where the treasure could be sent to Austria and into the hands of his wife Carlota. Remember this is 1867, Texas was an unstable territory with bands of ex-Confederate soldiers and people fleeing Mexico that loved Maximilian and knew he was soon to be in power no longer. These were rough times with bandits and gunmen along with Indians fighting for survival.

The group that left Mexico with Maximilianís treasure Maximilianos as they were later called was a group of fifteen people including one woman that was the leader of the Maximilianos daughter. There only objective was to get to San Antonio at the time that they met up with a group that did offer some aid, the ex-Confederates. The Maximilianos were not familiar to the Chihuahua Trail and could use the help. The Americans did agree to help the Maximilianos with their cargo of so-called flour to San Antonio. Suspicious began to mount among the Americans when the flour was never left alone; someone was always near and even slept in the wagon with the flour. As they began to near Pecos River, the cargo was detected at when the group reached Castle Gap; around fifteen miles east of Horsehead Crossing, all the Maximilianos were killed. Their bodies and wagons were burned. The treasure was too much for these devious Americans to carry so they buried more of the treasure than they took with them, with the hopes of returning later. After their dirty deed, they headed off east.

When they reached Fort Concho, Bill Murdock the leader of the group became very ill and had to stay behind. The rest of his bandits kept heading east, but they were soon attacked by Indians and mutilated. Once Bill could travel, he discovered their bodies along the trail. Now, he was the only one left alive that knew the whereabouts of Maximilianís treasure. He headed to Missouri to ask the James Brothers to travel with him to Texas to share in the loot. On his way, he met up with some more bad characters and found himself in jail in Denton, Texas, with the horse thieves. He once again became very ill and a Dr. Black was called in. Dr. Black knew that Bill Murdock did not have long to live and he sent for a lawyer to try to get Murdock released from jail. The lawyer OíConnor could not get him released before his death. However, Bill Murdock told the story of how he and his group of men killed the Maximilianos, stole the treasure, and buried it. He even presented a map of the location of the buried treasure before he died. Black and OíConnor traveled to the area, but the landscape had changed or so they say and the treasure to this day is still buried. Some believe that it will remain hidden until an heir or rightful owner of Maximilianís treasure searches in the area around Castle Gap.

The lost treasure of Emperor of Mexico.

 The lost treasure of Emperor of Mexico.

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