The lost treasure of Death Valley mine.



Where is the lost treasure of the Death Valley mine?

In 1850, a group of emigrants was headed to California’s gold country with Captain Jefferson Hunt in the lead. They camped at White Sage Flat, which is just a bit west of Death Valley. When they first left, there were 107 wagons in search of their fortune headed to California. Of course, with this many people they are always different opinions as to the best route to take even if Captain Hunt had traveled this area and taken others to California.

As the legend goes, November 1, 1849 was the day that the 107 wagons were split into different routes. From the larger group, other groups decided to go off on their own in the search of a shorter route. The groups were the Bennett-Arcane party, the Brier and Wade families, the Georgia-Mississippi party led by Captain Towne and Jim Martin, and the Jayhawkers.

The Georgia-Mississippi party hiked over the Panamints and wandered through the cold countryside until they reached White Sage Flat and made a camp. The Jayhawkers and Briers left and went their own way and arrived at White Sage Flat one day after the Georgia-Mississippi party. When they arrived, they saw Captain Towne carving a new gunsight for his rifle. The gunsight he was carvings was from pure silver! The Georgia-Mississippi party told the tale of silver ore that just below their camp on top of a mesa. As the tale goes, the silver ore covered the top of the mesa.

However, since it was winter and supplies were running so low, finding food and shelter from the harsh winter was more important at the time than any silver mine, so they traveled onward to their original destination. After traveling nearly a month more, they finally made it to Mariposa, which was at the southern end of the gold country. Here many of the emigrants began a new life, however, some could not shake the thoughts of the silver covering the mesa top.

Not long after the emigrants began their new lives, one of the Georgia-Mississippi party, Mr. Turner went in search of the silver. He could never find the mesa with all the silver ore. He gathered a group together and in September 1850, went in search of the silver ore once again. This time, they did find remains of old campfires and even cattle bones, but by this time, supplies were almost gone so they had to return home.

There are different versions of this tale according to which member of the parties you are talking with, however, they all claim the silver ore is there, the only difference is which party was responsible for finding the mine in the beginning. The silver ore is still there hidden away for only the lucky to find.

The lost treasure of Death Valley mine.

 The lost treasure of Death Valley mine.

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