The lost treasure of Owens Lake.



Where is the lost treasure of Owens Lake?

Legends of lost gold and silver mines abound throughout the California Inyo Mountains; however, none is more interesting than the one on Ghost Lake.

Above Owens Lake is an old town, which at one time was a prosperous mining town, Cerro Gordo. During the 1870ís Owens Lake was a large 100 square mile lake that was 30 feet deep, all along the shoreline you could see small mining towns and two steamships carrying supplies. Today, the lake is nothing more than dry earth.

You may have heard previous stories about wagonloads of bullion that were lost in the lake however; these are not the only legends of gold that were lost in Owens Lake. The history is quite long about the battling mining companies and who was in fact the big winner throughout the years that mining was done in the area. However, there were steamships on Owens Lake that brought supplies to the area and transported the smelted finds to Los Angeles.

There are four different versions of the steamships and how they lost their loads of treasures on Owens Lake. The first goes like this. A very strong northeast wind began to blow across Owens Lake while the Bessie Brady steamship was loaded with silver. The strong winds caused the steamship to lose a complete wagonload of silver bullion into the waters of Owens Lake.

The second tale is one of the Molly Stevens, the other steamship that worked the lake. While the Molly Stevens was headed to Cartago, she mysteriously capsized and lost silver bullion to the waters of Owens Lake.

The next one is almost the same as the second. The Molly Stevens was going to Cartago filled with silver bullion. Strong winds began to blow and water began to fill the steamship. The water poured into the engine, which caused the boilers to explode. The explosion sent Molly Stevens and her treasure of silver bullion to the bottom of Owens Lake.

The last tale about the steamships does not even mention the name of the steamship, only that an unnamed shops was sank somewhere along the southeastern part of the lake due to strong winds.

As of this day, no one has ever recovered any of the silver bullion, but has found remains of the steamships.

The lost treasure of Owens Lake.

 The lost treasure of Owens Lake.

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