The lost treasure of Kiowa County, Oklahoma – Part 1.



Where are the lost treasures of Kiowa County, Oklahoma?

The Wichita Mountains stretch from about the mid of Kiowa County from the North Fork of the Red River into Comanche County close by Fort Sill. Legends claim that the Wichita Mountains are the oldest mountains in America. If there are treasures scattered through these mountains, maybe a few of the tales from past generations can lead you to the fortunes.

April of 1541, Coronado left Mexico along with 30 soldiers and crossed the Red River searching for Cibola, the Seven Cities of Gold. An Indian guide told of this city and by his directions that searched for this wonderful city. As the guide described the area, he called it Quivira. He stated that Quivira would be found where there was a river in Flat County where canoes were able to travel with over twenty rowers on each side. He went on to describe – Their Lord sat under a golden awning. The lord would take a nap under a beautiful tree where golden bells hung quietly ringing with the breeze until the lord fell asleep. No one ever mentioned finding any treasures or the Seven Cities of Cibola.

At the mouth of the Devil’s Canyon, lies a small Mexican ghost town. If you are seeking gold around this area, you will be met with ghosts that guard the treasures. As the legend was told by Don Diego Del Castillo and his crew of Spanish miner that traveled here in 1650. The Spanish explorers traveled through Devil’s Canyon, which they called Canyon Diablo. This area between Flat Top Mountain and Soldier Mountain as legend goes is home to lost Spanish gold mine, smelters, an old church, a brass cannon and the treasure from a Spanish ship. Part of this mysterious 768 acres today, is protected by the Quartz Mountain State Park.

Legends have always abounded about the ghost in shining armor that protect the hidden treasures which include a brass cannon filled with gold and a silver casket full of the church’s treasures. The cannon was supposed to be buried somewhere in the canyon. The Spanish missionaries that lived in the area in 1629 claim the casket are buried in a hidden cave.

During 1806 a mysterious and quite frightening incident occurred when a group of well to do Mexican were camping near an old village in Devil’s Canyon. During this time, there were some prospectors there searching for two old mines they had heard were there, Black Shaft and Tunnel Shaft mines. The Mexicans had been in there campsite for around 4 weeks when in the middle of the night the prospectors hear a large blast at around 10pm, and five more blasts about 20 minutes apart. The next morning, as the prospectors were reading themselves for another day of searching did not claim any responsibility for the blasts. They decided to visit the Mexican’s camp. When they arrived, the camp was completely empty and there were no signs of any type of blasts in the mountains.

The finding of the mines or any treasure was not reported from any of the expeditions.


The lost treasure of Kiowa County, Oklahoma – Part 1.

 The lost treasure of Kiowa County, Oklahoma – Part 1.

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