The lost treasure of Kiowa County, Oklahoma – Part 2.



Where are the lost treasures of Kiowa County, Oklahoma?

After the Mexican explorers and miners, not much is mentioned for around 100 years and then more tales begin to surface around Devil’s Canyon and the Wichita mountains. A man by the name of Lugert was out hunting in the area when a snowstorm hit. While he was on the flat area described in part two between Devils Canyon and Bird Canyon, he found a very large hole in the ground. He kicked all old log down into the hole and estimated the depth to be around 40 feet. He went home with plans to return later to discover what might be down in the mysterious hole.

He gathered some friends and went back to the mesa as soon as the weather permitted. However, once they were on the mesa, the hole had mysterious disappeared.

Other tales of treasure on or around the Wichita Mountains include a tale of $100,000 of gold bullion buried at the Twin Mountains, which is about 10 miles southeast of Roosevelt. Many have searched for this gold and even found small clues such as the initials “JJ” and “BDL”, but the authenticity of the rock with these initials was never proven and of course, the gold has not been discovered.

How this mysterious gold bullion was buried here is as mysterious as the gold itself. One legend claims that Spaniards while traveling through the area were attacked by Indians but buried all their gold before they were killed. An elderly Indian woman was found digging on Twin Mountains and claimed that she was there and took three mules with her that were packed down with gold. She claims that as the Indians were leaving the area with the gold mules, they were attacked by Mexicans. She states that the Indians hid the gold on the west side of Twin Mountains and escaped the Mexicans. However, when they returned to find the gold they could not find the location in which they had buried the treasure.

Another tale which might explain the initials “JJ” is one of Jesse James and his booty in a cave in the Wichita Mountains.

No matter how the legends began, many believe there is a wealth of gold hidden away in the Wichita Mountains in Kiowa County in Oklahoma. Many of these are from Indian attacks, battles from Spaniards and Mexicans, and many lost mines. Who knows for sure what lies deep in the mountains. Does the ground change as soon as an entrance is found, do the ghosts help to hide the treasure, or could it be that weather and time has changed the looks of the mountains?

The lost treasure of Kiowa County, Oklahoma – Part 2.

 The lost treasure of Kiowa County, Oklahoma – Part 2.

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