The lost treasure of Dutch Oven Mine.



Where is the lost treasure of Dutch Oven mine?

As the tale goes, Tom Schofield who was a railroad worker was surveying close to Clipper Mountains in northwest Essex, California when he took a break from work to do a bit of exploring on his own. He went up the mountain about three miles when he found an old stone house. It was abandoned and looked to be built several years before. He kept on hiking up the mountain for about nine miles when it came upon a mountain spring. He found a trail near by and followed it over a hill. He then saw a large rock atop the peak that was as he described “as big as a house”. The large rock was broken into and the path went through this monstrous rock. He decides to keep traveling on the path and learn what lay ahead. On the other side of the large split rock, he found seemed to be an old Spanish camp.

He looked around a bit and found that he was standing on a high shelf with mountains of walls all around him. Through gaps in the rocks, he could see that the shelf he was standing on was around 500 feet above the ground below. There was no other way to reach this shelf except through the split huge boulder that he had followed. Throughout the camp, he found pots, pan, and pieces of bedrolls, mining tools, and old iron Dutch oven.

He was amazed when he also found a mineshaft on the shelf with skeletons of seven donkeys. Close by the mineshaft was dump that had several stones lying around that contained gold quartz. He became too tired after searching through the camp to go back down the mountain to the base camp, so he decided to stay the night. The next morning as he started to leave, he tripped over the Dutch oven and out spilled a large mound of pure gold nuggets. There were so many nuggets that Tom could not carry them all back to his base camp, so he gathered as many as possible.

After he arrived to the base camp, he went by train to Los Angeles and spent two entire months spending the gold nuggets on gambling, drinking and living, as tomorrow was the end of the world. At the end of the two months, he found himself, broke, sober, and unemployed.

After about two years, Tom Scofield finally made it back to Clipper Mountains to search for what he called the Dutch Oven Mine. He tried repeatedly to find the mine but could not even find the path through the large boulder. He finally gave up searching for the mine.

As far as anyone knows, the Dutch Oven mine has never been found or at least know one has mentioned finding the mine. If you decide to go searching for the Dutch Oven mine, the Clipper Mountains are located in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California. The best way to find the mountains is by taking Interstate 40 and the mountain range in between the freeway and the National Old Trails Highway.

The lost treasure of Dutch Oven Mine.

 The lost treasure of Dutch Oven Mine.

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