The lost treasure of Goose Egg mine.



Where is the lost treasure of Goose Egg mine?

Mosquito Valley in El Dorado County California was known for a wonderful place to find gold as far back as 1848. This entire region was home to many hundreds of mining camps. One small area around nine miles southeast of Placerville was Newtown. This was known as a popular mining camp that was established in 1852 by Swiss immigrants. These immigrants spoke Italian and fondly called their village “Sunny Italy”. Newtown grew very fast and soon had its own post office, many retail buildings, and around 5,000 residents calling it home. Before long, the Wells Fargo Express was making trips in and out of Newtown three times a week and a passenger route was established a bit later.

Soon the tales were all around the country on just how easy it was to find gold in and around Newtown especially when two large nuggets were found. One weighed 36 ounces and the other weighed 42 ounces. These gold nuggets were found in the south fork of Webber Creek, which was only one mile downstream from Newtown.

A young man who was an immigrant from Finland heard about the easy gold to find decided to move to Newtown. Of course, he knew nothing about mining gold and would listen to just about anyone when it came to finding a fortune, he took the advice of three experienced miners and staked claim on a parcel of land. The three miners knew that there was no gold to be found on this land and persuaded him to purchase the land as a practical joke, however, the joke was made on them. As Sailor Jack soon found gold on this useless partial of land and it became one of the richest mines in all of El Dorado County. His mine has been called several different names such as Sailor Jack Mine, Pinchgut Mine, Pinchemtight Mine, and One Spot Mine.

However, another mine lies just above Sailor Jack’s mine. One of Jack’s workers was checking out an area above Jack’s mine is what was known as Goose Neck Ravine. He found several large gold nuggets. However, after telling everyone about his discovery and getting others to aid in the search, no one has yet today found the mine. Today, they call the mine the Lost Goose Egg Mine.

You can find Sailor Jack’s mine by going around 1 1/2 miles north of Newtown or what is today, Webber Reservoir.

The lost treasure of Goose Egg mine.

 The lost treasure of Goose Egg mine.

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