The lost treasure of Humbug Creek Mine.



Where is the lost treasure of Humbug Creek Mine?

During the middle of the 1850ís many people, in the hope of finding gold, were searching the mountains, mountain springs and the creeks in Siskiyou county which is in along the northern border of California. There were several mining camps and towns dotting the countryside throughout this area. Around Humbug Creek, gold had been found in May of 1851 and several miners tried to hit it big. However, when no gold was found by these miners that named the area Humbug. However, just as the saying goes, one manís trash is another manís treasure; some miners stayed and searched for gold with the belief that gold was found here there must be more. These miners hit it big! Then hundreds of other miners came to area and a mining camp was set up. The Humbug Mining District was all along the Humbug Creek and before long, the area was known as Humbug City.

One man that was working a mine in the Humbug District became sick and headed off to Yreka to see a doctor. He made it as far as Deadwood Trail before he was too sick to go any farther. He laid down to rest when he noticed a piece of quartz float. He began to look around and he discovered an entire outcropping. He started feeling a bit better and changed his mind about visiting the doctor. He walked back to his cabin, which was around three or four miles and then returned to the outcropping with a pick and shovel. He gathered up quite a bit of gold, which was estimated to worth around $5,000 to $7,000. He could not keep the news to himself of such a great find that he went Hawkinsville to tell his parents along with his two brothers. After his visit, he returned to the mine again to find more gold. However, as soon as he returned he became very sick again. He covered the mine with brush, left his pick, shovel, and headed to the county hospital. The man did not recover from his illness and passed away within a weekís time at the hospital.

The family searched and could never the location of the outcropping and many others have also tried in vain. As far as anyone knows, this gold mine is still hidden by the brush that was laid there to hide his discovery on the west side of Humbug Mountains.

The lost treasure of Humbug Creek Mine.

 The lost treasure of Humbug Creek Mine.

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