The lost treasure of Milton Sharp.



Where is the lost treasure of Milton Sharp?

Milton Sharp was known throughout California and Nevada as the polite stagecoach robber. He along with W.C. Bill Jones who was also known as Frank Dow robbed around 20 Well Fargo Stagecoaches along the California and Nevada border.

Jones was the rough one of the pair, with a full beard and rough sounding voice that frightened not only the passengers but the stagecoach guards as well. On the other hand, Milton Sharp was dressed very nicely and very well mannered, not like an ordinary outlaw at all. Jones would always hold the driver at bay with a gun pointed at them, as Milton would regretfully state, "A thousand pardons for the inconvenience I have caused you, but you see these are the hazards of my profession. We must relieve you of your valuables." As they left with the loot, Milton would always bow and thank those that they just robbed for compassion.

The robberies were normally without incident. No one was hurt and Jones and Sharp would have the money and valuables of passengers. However, on September 5, 1880 their luck changed drastically. Jones decided to fire a couple of shots. One of the bullets killed one of the stage horses and of course the stagecoach guard, Mike Tovey, fired back killing Jones.

Now, posters and rewards were all over the place for Milton Sharp. He was finally captured San Francisco and placed in jail in Aurora, Nevada. Sharp was questioned several times where he hid all the money he had stolen but he refused to tell. In November of 1880, he along with a 15-pound iron ball chained to his leg and disappeared out of the cell. He had managed to work enough bricks loose in the wall of the jail to escape.

He gave him the fight after several weeks of hiding and turned himself in to the Sheriff at Candelaria. He was once again placed back in jail in Aurora, Nevada. He still never gave the whereabouts of the stolen money. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was then taken to Carson City. He tried to get a pardon in 1881, but was refused. Shortly after this time, he escaped from the Carson City prison and vanished for over four years. However, he was captured again in Red Bluff, California on October 3, 1893 and was returned to prison.

Finally, on July 10, 1894 Sharp was released from prison after Well Fargo recommended that Sharp be granted a pardon. He lived a law abiding life and never mentioned the money he had stolen from any of the robberies. As far as anyone can guess is that the loot is still where he hid it along the stagecoach line along the California and Nevada border.

The lost treasure of Milton Sharp.

 The lost treasure of Milton Sharp.

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