The lost treasure of Arizona Outlaws.



Where is the lost treasure of Arizona Outlaws?

In 1879, Henry Seymour and his outlaw gang robbed a stagecoach right in front of the Pine Spring Stage Station. The Pine Spring Stage Station was located between Beaverhead Station and Brigham City.

In the robbery, Henry Seymour stole $225,000 in newly minted coins. The coins were in three separate boxes that the outlaws carried into the Stage Station. No one knows the reason the outlaws carried the coins into the station, maybe to retrieve them from the boxes for easy carrying. While they were in the station, a posse arrived with 20 men and the gunfight began. The lawmen stood their ground, as did the outlaws inside. After a long day of each side not giving, the lawmen set fire to the back of the stage station. As the outlaws ran from the burning building there were gun-downed by the lawmen. The posse immediately began the search for the coins, but none was recovered.

Burton Alvord and Billy Stiles were at one time lawmen; however, they turned into outlaws. In 1899, this pair robbed a Southern Pacific Express Train of $60,000 in gold bullion and coins close by Cochise, Arizona. Outside Cochise about ˝ mile, on the old trail between Cochise and Wilcox, they stayed in a cabin. Here the pair buried their stolen gold and agreed to one day after the lawmen were off their trail to come and retrieve their ill-gotten gain. Before this meeting could occur, Burton Alvord was arrested and put in jail and Billy Stiles was killed. Agents from Wells Fargo searched the entire area around the cabin and the gold was never recovered.

In 1895, another Southern Pacific Railroad express train was robbed. This time the robbery happened in the Dos Cabezas Mountains about five miles southwest of Wilcox, Arizona.

The gold was found in a safe by the desperados. While trying to dynamite the safe to retrieve their loot, eight sacks of Mexican silver coins with 1,000 coins in each sack to weigh down the safe. The dynamite blast sent the sacks of Mexican coins through the roof and out onto the ground everywhere. Nothing was ever mentioned if the treasure inside the safe was ever found, but it is known that only around 7,000 Mexican coins were found in the area. To this day, treasure hunters have found a coin here or there in the vicinity.

In Wild Cat Canyon just at the south end of the Chiricahua Mountains is a cave that everyone calls the “Room Forty Four”. It is located around eight miles southwest of Portal, Arizona. In this cave it has been rumored that outlaw Black Jack Ketchum buried the money he stole from a bank in Nogales in 1884.

The lost treasure of Arizona Outlaws.

 The lost treasure of Arizona Outlaws.

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