The lost treasure of along the Ohio River .



Where is the lost treasure along the Ohio River?

There are so many stories about lost treasure up and down the Ohio River that have been found in magazines, books, and by word of the mouth. This tale is just one of the most popular.

The Ohio River during the 1800’s was a major means of transportation. You could see various types of boats traveling up and down this glorious river where it met with other on Mississippi to trade or sell items to the many plantations scattered along the way. On any one day, you could see flatboats full of a variety of vegetables, fruits, lumber, and animal’s pelts. Many of these flatboats would go as far as New Orleans before selling their flatboat and splitting the profits made during the trip amongst the crew. The crew would then normally take a steamboat back up the Ohio River to home.

One large profit item in the Ohio Valley during the 1800’s was lime, which is still a good moneymaker in southern Indiana and Ohio today. In 1895, William “Gabe” Chism, found some large deposits of lime close to his property on the Ohio River, he decided to take a rather large quantity of lime to New Orleans to sell, like other people sold their wares. Chism arrived in New Orleans in November of 1895. There he sold the lime and of course the flatboat, paid the three men in his crew and still had $2,000 left in gold and silver coins.

He started back home on a steamboat, however, he fell ill. He began running a fever and had chills. However, he just wanted to make it home and thought he would be fine once he was at home with his own magic brew of hot toddies.

The steamboat arrived at Cedar Branch Hollow after dark, but Chism left the steamboat and went on toward his home. By this time, the fever was high and Chism was very ill. Since his health was not what it should have been, his money belt was becoming more than he could bear. He took off his money belt, which held his $2,000 and other papers and placed it near a rock. He then covered the belt with dirt and leaves. He then proceeded onward. When he made it home, his fever was higher than ever. He tried to explain to his family where he had hidden the money. He told them the money belt was near a rock about halfway up the hill from the river. Chism died the next day without anyone really understanding the exact whereabouts of the hidden money belt. Some of the papers that Chism had been carrying with him as well were found a couple of days later over a half-mile stretch.

To this day, the money belt has not been found. If you ever get the notion to try to follow his footsteps, you will find Cedar Branch Hollow about 7 miles south of Leavenworth, Indiana on the Ohio River on the Kentucky side. The path that Chism used to go home begins at the mouth of the stream and goes straight uphill to Wolf Creek Road.

The lost treasure of along the Ohio River .

 The lost treasure of along the Ohio River .

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