The lost treasure of the Reynolds gang.



Rampage of the Reynolds Gang in Colorado.

During July of 1864, South Park, Colorado was invaded, would you believe by Confederate soldiers? Jim Reynolds and eight renegade Confederate soldiers plan was to rob gold mines throughout the area to aid in financing the Confederate side.

The first place they hit was a ranch belonging to Adolph Guirand on July 24, 1864. They got away with horses and cash.

Their next stop was Dan McLaughlin’s stage station. The stage station was where the town of Como is today. Here they stole cash, horses, and a gold watch.

As they went over Kenosha pass heading towards Denver, they robbed the Michigan House stage station of all of its horses.

Mr. Berry a local resident in the area, began to tell everyone about the Reynolds gang and tried in vain to gather a posse together to stop them from robbing more stage stations or whatever they had planned. No one would listen. Therefore, Mr. Berry kept a close eye on them alone, by following their movement. He followed them to the Omaha House stage station and then far there the gang headed toward Shaffer’s Crossing.

By July 30, 1864, a posse was finally organized and the Reynolds gang was seen in a forest nearby. All guns were firing in both directions, from the posse and the gang. After the smoke cleared on gang member was dead, Owen Singleterry. A posse member proud of their deed chopped of Owen’s head, preserved it in alcohol and took it back to Fairplay as a trophy.

After this episode, the Reynolds gang, buried all their loot and got out of the area as fast as possible. It was estimated that the gang had taken around $5,000 to $100,000. However, many robberies were blamed on this gang that there is no proof that it was the Reynolds gang.

Right after this, a larger posse of 75 men went in search of this thieving gang. In only 4 days they were found, four were captured and Tom Holliman, another member was captured within another four days.

Jim Reynolds, along with his brother John, and one other desperado made it to New Mexico.

On the way to Denver, with the other five gang members, a fight broke out where three of the outlaws were killed and the other two escaped.

Many years later, John Reynolds during another thieving operation in Taos, New Mexico, he was shot and was near death of gunshot wounds when he shared his story of the hidden loot from 1864 to his new partner in crime, Albert Brown. Just before dying, he drew a map of the location of the buried loot.

Albert Brown headed for the South Park along with some of his outlaws. When they finally made it to the area, a fire had destroyed practically all the landmarks that Reynolds had mentioned. However, Albert did find a headless skeleton, and horse bones in a swamp, which could have been the body Owen Singleterry.

As far, as anyone can tell no one has ever found any of the loot buried in the area of South Park, Colorado. Good hunting.

The lost treasure of the Reynolds gang.

 The lost treasure of the Reynolds gang.

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