The lost treasure of Arizona.


Where are some lost treasures in Arizona?

When most people hear of any state, in the western United States, they envision cowboys, Indians, and of course, the gold rush. Today, throughout the west there are many lost treasures that are just waiting for someone to discover them. Some of them are as follows.

In the San Francisco Mountains in Coconino County, there are bars of gold that were hidden away. The bars of gold may be marked with territorial assayers, if so this would make them work even more money today.

A loot from a train robbery is buried somewhere near Bisbee junction by the robbers.

In 1884, a Southern Pacific Railroad train robbery took place at Canyon Station. The bandits were followed to a cave on the south slope of Wrong Mountain in the Rincon Range. One bandit was fond dead, the other two got away. However, there loot was never recovered. There is a natural cave on Posta Quemada Canyon around eight miles off the Tucson-Douglas highway close to 19 miles east of Tucson.

Close by Sononita in Santa Cruz County, Hashknife Charley lost or hid 38 bars of gold. These should also have assayerís stamps on them or it is believed to be so.

A flash flood in Fools Gulch just northeast of Wickenburg carried off a large safe and its contents. The safe and the treasure inside has never been found and is believed to be under a dry steam bed in the area.

One legend tells of pirates that stole treasure from the streamer Gila and buried it close by Crescent Spring in Mohave County.

Bandits hid away 1,000 pounds of silver dollars from a train robbery in the Dos Cabezas Mountains, which is close to Willcox, Arizona.

Arizona is full of tales such as these including several lost silver and gold mines one of these tales is the Lost Dutchman Mine at Superstition Mountain just to give you an example.

Many of these lost mines and treasures have never been recovered no matter how hard people have searched; maybe you will be the lucky one.

The lost treasure of Arizona.

 The lost treasure of Arizona.

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