Coffee Trivia Part I


Coffee Trivia Part I

Many people can’t get through the day with that cup of java to start them off on the right foot. And while for most, it’s nothing more than a matter of some beans and water, there are many other very interesting facts about that beautiful cup of coffee. Below are just a few of them:

  • Coffee originated in Europe where it was known as Arabian wine.

  • A French doctor in the 1680s first recommended café au lait be used for treating patients. It was after this that people started to add milk to their coffee.

  • The first café opened in Paris was in 1689. It was opened specifically to serve coffee.

  • In 1760, Venice boasted over two hundred coffee shops.

  • During The Revolution, the founding fathers of the United States held their strategy meetings in coffeehouses.

  • In the United States in the year 1790, the first wholesale coffee roasting company opened.

  • The first newspaper advertisement to advertise coffee was also in 1790.

  • France created the first espresso machine prototype in 1822.

  • Most upper middle class households had a manual coffee grinder by the year 1850.

  • The Civil War furthered the popularity of coffee when soldiers were sent to war with coffee as one of their rations.

  • Coffee became something that was delivered door-to-door in 1900. It was delivered by horse-drawn wagons.

  • The first espresso machine to be made for public sale was created in Italy in 1906.

  • In Italy, the terms “coffee” and “espresso” are used to describe the same thing.

  • Just as England has “tea time,” the Italians have “espresso time.” It is an event and is given its own time.

  • In Italy, the government controls how much espresso is sold for, as it is considered an essential in life.

  • In total Italy has over 200,000 coffee houses.

  • It is Greek and Turkish tradition to serve the oldest person at the table their coffee first.

  • Coffee was a staple in ancient Arab times as well. So much so in fact that legal grounds for divorce was that the husband refused to make coffee for his wife.

  • In Africa coffee beans are considered to be candy. They are soaked in water and spices are added to them.

  • Since the 1700s, ninety percent of people living in the Western world have switched from drinking tea to drinking coffee.

  • Of all the caffeine consumed in the United States, coffee makes up the majority with a whopping seventy-five percent.

  • The British drink instant coffee ten times more than they drink freshly brewed coffee.

  • In rankings for coffee consumption throughout the world, Japan ranks number three.

  • The Japanese will bathe in coffee grounds that have been fermented with pulp from a pineapple. This is thought to reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s appearance.

  • Coffee is the most popular drink throughout the entire world. Four hundred billion cups are consumed every year.

  • The Arabica is the original coffee plant. It still can be seen growing wild in Ethiopia.

  • It takes approximately 4,000 Arabica coffee beans to make one pound of roasted coffee beans. This takes 2,000 Arabica cherries as there are two beans in every cherry.

  • Over 600,000 beans are used to fill a sack of coffee. These sacks are made from hemp and weigh approximately 132 pounds when they are full.

  • Coffee beans are green before they are roasted.

  • Up until the late 1800s, coffee was roasted by the consumer in their own home. Generally, popcorn poppers and frying pans were used for this.

  • Chocolate was first added to coffee in the 1600s by the Europeans.

  • Meslitta Bentz can be attributed to helping make the world’s first drip coffee maker. She did so by making a filter out of one of her son’s notebook papers.

  • People judge coffee more by its smell than any other sensory sensation

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Coffee Trivia Part I

Coffee Trivia Part I

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