Coffee Trivia Part II


Coffee Trivia Part II

Here are some more fun facts on the beverage that Americans drink most:

  • Turkish Coffee is prepared by finely grinding coffee beans and then boiling those grinds. If you want to try this special preparation, it’s mainly served in Turkey and Greece.

  • The first coffee plants to be commercially grown and harvested were in the Arabian Peninsula. They were grown in a port called Mocha.

  • Coffee drinking first became popular in the Orient in 1600 A.D.

  • Europe was first introduced to coffee in 1615. The Venetians told the Europeans about the beverage.

  • The famous Lloyd’s of London first started as Edward Lloyd’s coffeehouse.

  • The first coffee mill to manufacture coffee in London started in the 1600s.

  • A Boston woman, Dorothy Jones, was the first American coffee trader. She obtained her license in 1670.

  • William Penn bought a pound of coffee in 1683 from a New York merchant for $4.68.

  • The French monarch, King Louis XIV, started the tradition of putting sugar in coffee in 1715.

  • The first marketing of coffee shops happened in 1716. This is when Venetian coffee shops started handing out flyers praising their newest product.

  • The Arabs get all credit for the espresso carts that can be found all over Europe today. It was in this fashion that coffee was originally sold before the first café was opened in the 1700s.

  • Today, most coffee comes in vacuum packs to preserve the freshness of the beans or grinds. This originated in 1898.

  • Espresso is as important to Italy as champagne is to France.

  • Voltaire, a famous French philosopher, is known to have drunk up to fifty cups of coffee a day.

  • Coffee retailers routinely find that they have a drop in caffeinated coffee sales and an increase in decaffeinated coffee sales every January. This is due to many people making New Year’s resolutions to lessen the amount of caffeine they consume.

  • Coffee trees are evergreens and can grow up to fifteen feet. They are usually pruned to about eight feet high to make it easier to harvest them.

  • These trees produce flowers that have a very short life span but possess a beautiful fragrance. The fragrance is a blend of jasmine and orange. The flowers produce small coffee cherries and it generally takes approximately four or five years for a tree to produce a commercial harvest.

  • Brazil is the largest manufacturer of coffee today. They produce over 1/3 of the coffee in the world, which accounts for approximately 3 1/3 billion pounds of coffee.

  • There are forty-five countries in the world that currently manufacture coffee.

  • Only one state in the United States grows coffee for commercial purposes. That state is Hawaii.

  • Every year, Hawaii holds a coffee picking contest called the Kona Festival. The winner is a state celebrity for that entire year.

  • The months to harvest coffee in Hawaii is November through April.

  • Brazil employs approximately five billion Brazilians to make coffee. Of those five billion, most participate in harvesting and cultivating over three billion coffee plants.

  • Coffee beans are not always processed right away. Some beans are stored for many years while they are still green and some are actually believed to become better tasting with age

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Coffee Trivia Part II

Coffee Trivia Part II

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