Coffee Trivia Part III


Coffee Trivia Part III

And yet some more fun facts about our favourite caffeinated beverage:

  • Coffee that is purchased by the average consumer is generally a blend of many different types of coffees.

  • The average temperature for roasting coffee is between four hundred degrees Fahrenheit and forty hundred and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Dark roasts come from being roasted longer than average roasts. It usually takes ten to twenty minutes to roast coffee beans.

  • Roasting coffee beans also gives them their unique aroma. This aroma is generated from 700 chemicals that are released as the beans are being cooled from roasting.

  • If coffee beans are roasted for too long, they become very flammable while they are roasting.

  • It used to be that when coffee manufacturers created decaffeinated coffee, they would throw the caffeine away. Now, instead of doing that, they give it to pharmaceutical companies.

  • Coffee beans can come in certain flavourings. To add the flavouring, the coffee beans are first roasted and then cooled to approximately one hundred degrees. This is the optimal time to add the flavouring as the pores of the bean are open and more susceptible to becoming infused with the flavour.

  • Studies show that the human body only has the capacity to absorb three hundred milligrams of caffeine at one time. Any caffeine taken after that is waste and will not provide the standard of caffeine.

  • Roasted coffee beans start to lose their flavour within two weeks. Ground coffee only takes one week to lose its flavour and espresso’s flavour starts to diminish within minutes.

  • The Arabs used to use spices to flavour their coffee with spices while it was being brewed.

  • Japan was the first to make iced coffee popular. They started doing this in 1945 and continue to sell it in cans today.

  • Any flavour of fruit will blend well with coffee.

  • The most popular coffee flavourings are hazelnut and Irish cream.

  • The word “latte” means milk in Italian. If you are to ask for a latte in Italy, you will get a glass of milk.

  • A Frenchman once wrote about his travels through Arabia. The book was called Trip Through Happy Arabia and was the first documentation provided for the history of coffee.

  • In England in the 1600s, coffee was used for medicinal purposes. The sick would receive treatments of a blend of coffee, heated butter, honey, and oil.

  • A Harvard researcher found that those who drink coffee on a regular basis are one third less likely to experience asthma symptoms than those who do not drink coffee.

  • Australians are known to drink sixty percent more coffee than tea. This number has increased by six times since 1940

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Coffee Trivia Part III

Coffee Trivia Part III

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