area 51


Area 51
Alien Landing – Government Conspiracy or Cover-up?

Area 51 is located inside The Groom Lake Base which is a real top secret military base. It is located around 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is in an area of the Nevada Test Site and its grid number is 51. Now, you know why it is named this. But, what is really happening at this “top secret” base is a mystery to all, except for a few people that have told of their experiences. 

The base is operated by the United States Air Force and the only information that has been allowed out to the general public is that this facility developed and tested such aircraft as the U-2, SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117 Stealth Fighter. There are even unmanned planes being tested here today. 

But, is this all that is really happening behind this tight security? Armed guards can be seen around the exterior of the 12,500 square mile base and no one is allowed in except for certain military personnel and they must show the proper credentials. Not only will you see armed guards by using binoculars but you will also see what many are calling Cammo Dudes. These Cammo Dudes are patrolling the border with their Jeep Cherokees in teams of two.  

But, this is not all. There are also magnetic sensors placed around this mysterious base. These sensors send a signal anytime anything or anyone passes by. Sign posted around the area even state that you may be arrested or even shot if you trespass.  

Now, do we really need this type of security to keep Americans out? Many people believe that when an alien ship landed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, the ship and any surviving aliens were transported to Area 51. The rumor is whether true or fact is that the United States Air Force base is using the knowledge of these captured Aliens to develop our tech planes.  

What is a proven fact is that after an employee of area 51/S-4 told of his experiences with abduction, the United States pentagon increased the trespassing zone another 89,900 acres. Their reasons were stated that there was too many tourist desiring to see the new technologies and people seeking proof of Aliens and UFO’s. 

No matter what is really being denied to the eyes and ears of the American people, year after year, President after President, are being sure we can never learn the truth. Not that long ago, on September 18, 1992, President Bush signed an order to ensure that no one would get their hands on any classified information about the air force base or Area 51. He signed this order making sure that attorneys needing information regarding hazardous waste claims against the Environmental Protection Agency could not find the secrets that are hidden away.  

This air force base has always been a top secret facility and the government denied its existence until the mid 1990’s, when workers claim injuries began to surface. 

So as far as what is Area 51, are there aliens still there, are we testing new technology, or are we hiding toxic waste will always remain a mystery unless someone is courageous enough to go up against the high security and possible death, just to get a glimpse.

area 51

area 51

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