Alien Abductions


True Alien Abductions?

Many of us have doubts about alien abductions, but there are documented stories from people that claim they were abducted by aliens. Some people say these people have wild fantasies, dreams or just make up the entire story. However, under hypnosis these abductions emerge. Some abductees do not even realize what is causing their nightmares or weird feelings until they undergo hypnosis.

No one has any proof or real evidence, at this time these stories are real, but they are very real to the people that claim to have been abducted. When you hear the tales, how they were abducted and what was done to them you will be amazed at just how much they sound alike. In addition, for people that have never met or talked to one another, could this be coincidence?

The most famous claimed alien abduction is the one of Barney and Betty Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In their statement, they were abducted on September 19, 1961 near Lancaster Village on US route 3. They stated that they came seeing a light cross their path in an erratic course and kept stopping to check it out. As they traveled toward the White Mountains, the object became larger and stayed on course with their own car. As they got to Indian Head, the light was in front them. Barney Hill got out of his car to investigate and left the car running. He used his binoculars and saw in his own words "5 to 11 figures moving behind a double row of windows". He returned to the car and drove quickly away, while driving away both stated they heard loud beeping noise and then began to feel sleepy. The next thing they remember is two hours later; when they found out; they were driving close to Ashland, which is 35 miles south of Indian Head. They did report what happened to Pease Air Force base the next day.

A few weeks later Betty began to have nightmares and what happened on that frightful and confusing night began to unfold.

Several people that claim to have been abducted all have similar stories to tell. How can the dreams or what is told under hypnosis, be so close with several different individuals? Whether truth, fantasies, or plain lies alien abductions have been documented and one day maybe someone with grab some proof.

You will have to be the judge if what you hear is true. Just remember if you are driving along a lonely stretch of highway and night and hear a beeping sound, do not slow down and keep on driving.

Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions

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