The Mayans and 2012


The Mayans and 2012

The Mayan people made up an ancient civilization that was mostly recognized during the years of 2500 B.C. and A.D. 250. Even after A.D. 250 though, the Mayans were still very prominent for about another 700 years. And in the part of the world where the Mayans resided, there are still many Mayan people today. These people were known for many things. But of those things, they were known for two primarily: their pyramids and their calendar. Here we’ll focus on the calendar and more specifically, the significance of the year 2012 within that calendar.

The Mayans actually made up the calendar year with both their long and round calendars and many events such as the moon cycles and other worldly events coincide with how things happen today. However, the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, which has caused much panic because people around the world today tend to automatically assume that this must mean that the end of the world is going to take place on that date.

What exactly the Mayan people thought were going to happen on that day is unknown, and this is one reason for the panic. While some think that it’s going to be a positive and spiritual change and the true beginning of a “New Age”, many more so believe that a catastrophic event will occur. That may be so, but the fact that the world is going to end on December 21, 2012 is doubtful, and certainly doesn’t have any scientific evidence to back it up. However, this doesn’t mean that scientists, researchers, and other experts haven’t looked into it. And among them, there seems to be a common consensus of what could possibly happen in 2012.

One of those theories is that an asteroid, comet, or meteor could hit Earth. This comes from the fact that all ancient civilizations, not just the Mayans, studied the sky much more than we do as a civilization today. Because of this, they may have seen something similar in the skies that could collide in 2012. With so much talk about “dark comets” today, scientists believe that if something is going to happen, this seems to be the most likely.

Another theory is that there may be a coronal mass ejection from the sun. This is a blast of the atmosphere surrounding the sun, and last happened in the solar storm of 1859. If this came to be the case in 2012, it’s thought that the result would be a total wipeout of the world’s electricity and satellites. And while a blackout may not sound that bad to you, one that lasts for a very long time and affects every person around the globe could be disastrous in a modern world where just about everyone relies on electricity.

Still others think that there may be a magnetic pole shift at the end of 2012. These happen about every 400,000 years and the last time one was experienced was 730,000 years ago. Should a magnetic pole shift occur, it would cause significant changes in climate and it would wreak havoc with navigational systems. However, if the poles actually do shift, there’s a very good chance that no one will be around long enough to have any problems with navigation during flight or anything else. This is because in the event of a pole shift, there is always the possibility that there will be a moment in time when there is no electromagnetic shield. This will essentially “peel back” the layer of atmosphere that protects the Earth from the most harmful of the sun’s rays and could essentially destroy earth.

While an explosion from a black hole at the center of the universe may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, this is another explanation for what might happen in 2012. Should this happen, the entire world would experience a massive tidal wave, but in this case it would be known as a “super wave.” While this may seem like a far fetch, it may have an ounce of truth to it. This is because these tidal waves would first have a gravity wave that would happen before them, and that gravity waves are recognized as having a gamma ray burst that follows them shortly after. Looking at the tsunami in 2004, it had a gamma ray burst follow it just 21 hours afterwards. While the tsunami wasn’t caused by a black hole in the center of the universe, it would have much the same effect. Only of course, that it would be much more detrimental if the cause were to be the cause of this type of black hole and that it would affect the entire world instead of just one portion of it.

Some think that it may be a flu pandemic that marks the end of 2012. While researchers concur that a flu pandemic is going to happen at some point in the future, there is no evidence that this will take place in 2012. The same is true for the belief that it will be a nuclear war or biological war will take place at the end of 2012. While many countries such as Russia building bunkers that can protect tens of thousands of people, and with tensions rising among many countries such as North and South Korea, as well as the strife between India and Pakistan, there’s no doubt that these wars could escalate into something much more. But still, no one can be sure when, or even if, these tensions will escalate into something as disastrous as another world war. And there’s certainly no evidence to tie it to 2012.

Really, no one knows what will happen on December 21, 2012. The belief that something bad will happen on this date seems to stem from the fact that this coincides with the Winter Solstice that will take place at that time. Although there is a Winter Solstice every year, people tend to think that this one will be particularly worrisome because it will also allow the sun, at its highest point, to meet with the galactic center of the earth. If this happens, it’s thought that the same thing will happen as if the magnetic poles had shifted, but on a much lesser scale. Some researchers believe that some parts of the earth may be scorched, but that most of the earth’s surface will remain untouched. Others still believe that nothing will occur during that particular solstice.

No one knows what will happen on December 21, 2012. What is known though, is that people shouldn’t run around in a panic until that time. Everything is based on speculation and guesses and although there are still Mayan people around today, none of them will be able to tell you what will happen either or why their calendar ends on that day. The best thing anyone can do, suggests many researchers, is to treat it the same way as other prophesied disasters. To speculate on them, and come up with creative guesses but essentially, live your life as you otherwise would, and not become absorbed in the panic. 

The Mayans and 2012

The Mayans and 2012