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Depicted in many movies, television shows, documentaries and printed media most of the times in an unnerving and trivial sensationalizing way, ghosts are part of the conscientious study of the paranormal phenomena.

Ghosts cannot be described with exact words because there is not a definition explaining what they are, like there is a not a unique consistent composition of their structure. Sometimes, just ethereal or in the form of ectoplasm, a sort of albumin material, but they are a common part of the human experience.

Ghosts are the spirits of dead people trapped for some reason between this plane of existence and the next. Their presence can be attributed as a result of a trauma or tragedy suffered by individuals who ignore the moment when they passed away, but others may have an existential pending mission.

Whether acting as messengers or wanting to contact humans that could help them to accomplish what they left undone, spirits are stuck in this plane in a kind of limbo sometimes haunting scenes of their death or staying in pleasant locations to them in life.

Experiences with ghosts range from those spirits that usually appear shortly after death to people who were close to them, to interact with the living, trying to help them understand they are not gone at all, revealing a pending message or asking for something that they could not accomplish.

Some other ghosts are just residual hauntings or recordings that never interact with humans but play back a moment of their lives over and over again. Those spirit-level movies are just residual energy generally associated to a traumatic moment in time leaving an indelible impression on the building or area where they existed once. Paranormal investigations also refer to these recordings as "crisis apparitions."

Yet other ghosts-paranormal experiences involve spirits without a predetermined mission or apparent reason of their manifestation among the living. These spirits are known as Poltergeists and are the most feared by people because of their unknown origin, good or evil, and their great ability to interact with humans affecting the physical world.

Poltergeists are generally associated to unexplained noises where people live, including footsteps, turning on faucets and electric devices or slamming doors. These spirits have also the ability to take objects to hide them, causing emotional stress if not physical harm when the evil entities are capable of scratching or slapping a human.

To paranormal investigators, Poltergeists are more often considered to be demonic in nature but it is unknown the cause that triggers their manifestation if not for a specific rite to call them up or the misuse of paranormal related devices such as the Ouija board.

Most of the time, humans that have Poltergeist experiences are because they move to an environment where the Poltergeist are already are causing physical disturbances to the new guests using unknown mental forces. However, some of them can be the result of an individual's extrasensory perception whose fears are manifested as Poltergeists. 

Ghosts-Paranormal Experiences

Ghosts-Paranormal Experiences

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