Atlantis: Worth all the Fuss? 

If you have ever taken the time to learn something about Atlantis, it’s pretty clear why the legend still persists. The island nation was said to have been extremely wealthy and powerful with solid gold statues atop hills and in the temples of a carefully planed and constructed city, ruled by the God of the sea, Poseidon. Abundant raw materials and advanced agriculture for food assured a prosperous life for the Atlantian’s. A great diversity of plants and wild life, much of it domesticated, even elephants and other exotic animals must have been a resource of wonder and joy. A good and simple life is what comes to mind; that is until something went terribly wrong.

We know what we know about Atlantis from only one source, Plato. From his account in the two dialogues that have survived, (Timeaus and Critias) the legend continues to flourish some two thousand and three hundred years later. A remarkable run for any story true or not. We must keep in mind that Plato never saw Atlantis first hand, but rather it was a story that had been told to him by the Greek ruler Solon. Therefore it would seem that we are dealing with, I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend etc. Not to be discouraged, Plato was one of histories greatest minds and wrote prolifically on politics, history, and philosophy. Therefore, I think, as many do, we have a very reliable source.

Remember that the city of Troy was once thought to be only a myth as well. More recent archeologists have uncovered the site of Sodom along side the Dead Sea. Then there are ancient sites like Ester Island or Stonehenge that dates back so long no one is certain of the origins even though we know they too were once thriving civilizations. Therefore, it is not at all ridicules to believe Plato’s account is founded in some truth.

The story of Atlantis’s demise is what becomes more controversial and shrouded in speculation and the out right ridicules .According to Plato the Atlantian’s became greedy a complacent and began a campaign to conquer more land including Greece. This did not take well with the Gods and Zeus the top God called them all together to decide their punishment. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and the whole continent sinking into the sea is the original account. Apparently it was a pretty harsh calamity because this was to have occurred some eleven thousand years ago and no one has found evidence of it at all. Yes their have been a multitude of other explanations from some bizarre theories, and not just a few who clam to have found the place.

Between the Pillars of Hercules out in the vast Atlantic lies the assumed location of this lost wonder. From alien technology now gone, to giant tsunamis that wiped it off the map, to dry up ruins on dusty plains in Peru, to sunken boulders off the coast of Bimini, even ancient thermal nuclear explosions, the search goes on. One brief footnote: If it is found…I’m moving there!



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