Cat Trivia


Cat Trivia

Cats are very interesting creatures, man has sought to learn what makes a cat a cat, and with these interesting tid-bits about cats, maybe you can figure out the mystery.


  • A cat has 230 bones in their body.
  • They have four rows of whiskers. These whiskers help a cat determine if a space is too small for them to squeeze through. They are similar to antennas that aid the cat’s judgment of the width of the area they wish to crawl through.
  • Cats do not have sweat glands.
  • A cat’s brain is closer related to human’s brains than a dog’s brain.
  • Cat’s ears can pivot 180 degrees.
  • The cat’s heartbeat is twice as fast as humans at 110 to 140 beats per minute.
  • The normal body temperature of a cat is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • An adult cat has 30 teeth.
  • Adult cats usually have about 12 whiskers.


  • A cat can jumps seven time its height or higher.
  • When a cat is in a real hurry, he can run at around 31 miles per hour.
  • The reason your cat cannot find little treats you place on the floor is that they cannot see directly under the nose, another reason they paw at their water dish before taking a drink.
  • A cat can see around six times better than a human because of extra reflecting cells, which absorb light.

Meowing, Purring and Body Language

  • Meowing is not for other cats, it is used to communicate with humans.
  • When a cat holds its tail high it means he is happy.
  • If he is twitching his tail this is a warning sign.
  • If he tucks his tail close to his body, he is insecure.
  • An arched back is a sign the cat feels threatened.

Strange but True

  • Cats spend around thirty percent of their lives grooming.
  • To calm themselves after a frightening experience or a fight with another cat, they will clean themselves with paw and tongue.
  • White cats with blue eyes are often deaf, however, if they have only one blue eye they are deaf in the ear closest to the blue eye.

Cat Trivia

Cat Trivia

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