The Legend of Tinsel #2


The Legend of Tinsel

Many years ago on Christmas Eve, a kind mother was cleaning her home for Christmas Day, the day in which the Christ child would come and bless her home. She cleaned every corner of the house and even shooed the spiders out of their home in the corners to the attic as far away as possible. She did not harm the spiders as they were God’s creatures, but she moved them way out of sight.

After cleaning her house top to bottom, she made sure the Christmas was decorated beautiful before retiring to bed. The spiders were very upset since they were not going to be able to see the Christ child when he came to visit and because they could see the beauty of the Christmas from the corner of the attic.

As soon, as everyone was quietly sleeping in their beds and the house was dark, the spiders crept out of the attic to see the beautiful Christmas tree. They crawled very close to the tree and were delighted at the beauty. To take a closer look at the items hung on the tree they crept all over the Christmas tree. They went up and down and back and forth to see each item up close until they had seen every one.

The spiders loved the Christmas tree and stayed up all night, dancing among the branches. However, as they danced they left behind spider webs.

In the morning, before the mother awoke, the Christ child came to bless the house. He loved the spiders that were still dancing on the tree, because his father had created them, however, he knew the mother would be sad because of the hard work she had put into making everything perfect.

The Christ child with love in his heart and a smile on his lips reached out and gently touched the spider webs. The spider webs immediately began to shimmer and shine. He had turned every web in sparkling silver and gold.

As the legend goes, this is the reason today, that tinsel is hung from Christmas trees all over the world and in some cultures spiders are also placed upon the tree.

The Legend of Tinsel #2

The Legend of Tinsel #2

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