Jack the Ripper


Jack the Ripper: Beyond the myth

On August 31, 1888, a man named George Cross was walking the streets of East London in the early hours. George stumbled upon what he thought to be a wrapped bundle. He soon realized how wrong he was. The bundle turned out to be the body of prostitute Mary Anne Nicholls. Mary Anne's body had endured a large gash in the neck made by a knife and her stomach had been cut wide open. Sadly this was only the beginning.... 

Just one week after Nicholls brutal murder, another prostitute lost her life to an unknown killer. Annie Chapman's body was found horribly mutilated behind a lodging house just one mile from where the first victim was found, Chapman's head was barley hanging on to her neck. The muscles in her neck had been cut through. The killer had almost sawed through the spinal column. She had also been disemboweled. 

Several weeks later, the police received a letter from a writer who claimed to be the killer. In the letter he called himself "Jack the Ripper" the community of White Chapel had caught onto the killer’s new name. From that point on the killer would be known by the strange name, Jack the Ripper.    

Two days after the police got Ripper's letter, Ripper had taken another life. The killer cut the throat of a Swedish prostitute named Elizabeth Stride. Before he could finish the cutting of his victim, he was interrupted by an approaching wagon. He hurried away but was soon back to slicing and dicing when he found a new victim, a forty-three-year -old prostitute named Catherine Edwards. He took her into an empty lot where he slit her throat, disfigured her face, cut her open and ran off into the night with her left kidney.  

So who was Jack the Ripper? Originally police had no clues as to who would want to do these crimes. The murders came to a screeching stop after the last victim was found. Twenty-five-year-old Mary Kelly, an Irish prostitute was found dead in her bed. The worst detail of her death was that she was 3-months pregnant.

The killer who took the lives of 5 people was never caught. In current times there are a few ideas of who may have done it, a kosher butcher, and an heir of English thrown. Still no one truly knows who Jack the Ripper Really was...
Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

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