Author and Book Trivia


Author and Book Trivia

Perhaps the only thing more interesting than a book could be the author’s life. Either way, both can be fascinating and below are some interesting and fun facts on various books and authors.

  • Ernest Vincent wrote a book in 1939 called “Gadsby.” The novel itself is not unusual, except that in the entire thing, there is not only letter “e.”

  • There seems to be a lot to say about the game of chess, as over twenty thousand books have been written on the subject.

  • The longest sentence in the book “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo is 823 words long. After Hugo’s editor had read the manuscript, Hugo sent a letter that only said “?” to find out what they thought. They sent the manuscript back with the response “!”

  • If you were to place all of the shelves in the New York Public Library side by side, they would be eighty miles long. The most commonly checked out books are about astrology, drugs, witchcraft, and Shakespeare.

  • William Shakespeare invented the words: hurry, boredom, disgraceful, hostile, money’s worth, obscene, puke, perplex, on purpose, shooting star, and sneak. Hard to imagine that before his time, people had to have conversations without saying these words.

  • John Wayne once recited Shakespeare and ended up winning a Shakespeare contest.

  • Americans collectively buy fifty-seven books every second. For a shelf to hold a day’s worth of books, it would need to extend seventy-eight miles long.

  • Collectively Americans buy approximately five million books a day. So how do they make sure there is always enough for everyone to read? There are 125 new titles published every day.

  • The number of Bibles ever made exceeds two and a half billion. If one were to put them on a shelf and drive along the shelf at 55mph for forty hours a week, it would take over four months before one reached the end. All of the Bibles ever made would fill up the New York Public Library 467 times.

  • The Bible in its entirety totals 3,566,480 letters for a total of 810,697 words.

  • Leo Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace” before computers or word processing software was ever even imagined. His wife edited the thick manuscript. Not just once though and not just twice. She leafed through the book seven times to get it perfect.

  • “The Webster Dictionary” took Noah Webster thirty-six years to complete the first edition.

  • In the book “Gulliver’s Travels”, Jonathan Swift talks about two moons that orbit the planet Mars. He did this long before science fiction was called science fiction and definitely before anyone had completed any studies on Mars. One hundred years later, astronomers identified those two moons.

  • A. Conan Doyle, the man responsible for writing the famous Sherlock Holmes mysteries, was actually an eye doctor. Because in that day being an eye doctor didn’t pay enough for him to make a decent living, he wrote in his spare time to supplement his income.

  • Every writer has their own little quirks that they need to write. Charles Dickens always had to be facing north.

  • The number of books in the Library of Congress equals 72,466,926. If you placed all of the bookshelves that held them side-by-side they would measure 327 miles

Author and Book Trivia

Author and Book Trivia

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