Christmas Trivia


Christmas Trivia

Christmas is one of the best times of year. Everyone is thinking about trees and stockings, and that special something that they’re going to buy for the people they love. But here are a few more facts that might cross your mind next time you think of the most wonderful time of the year.

  • The abbreviation of the word Christmas to Xmas is derived from the Greek. The letter “X” in the Greek alphabet is the letter “Chi”, which is the beginning of the word “Christ” in Greek.

  • England’s lord protector, Oliver Cromwell, prohibited the singing of Christmas carols for eleven years for the years 1649-1660. He did this because he thought that Christmas should be a very serious day and so, the only celebrations were to be through sermon and prayer.

  • In 1643, the British government abolished any celebration of Christmas.

  • When the Puritans came to America in the 1630s, they strived to make Thanksgiving Day the most important holiday instead of Christmas.

  • An Austrian priest named Joseph Mohr in 1818 wrote “Silent Night”. He wrote it because he was told on the morning of the Christmas Eve service that the organ was broken and would not be fixed in time for that night’s service. Unable to imagine a Christmas Eve service without music, he sat down and wrote the stanzas to a song that could be sung by guitar accompaniment. It was on that evening that “Stille Nacht” was sung for the first time.

  • December 26 is called Boxing Day because money used to be collected in alms boxes at the church the day after Christmas. After the holiday season, the money was given to the poor.

  • Christmas Eve 1914 fell right in the middle of World War I. That Christmas Eve, fire from the German trenches came to an abrupt halt. The German brass band started to play Christmas carols. On Christmas morning, the Germans came out of the trenches and were wishing “Merry Christmas” to the enemy lines. They were met with silence as the opposing troops thought that it was merely a trick. They soon came out of their trenches as well and wished the Germans a merry Christmas as well. The war had ended for just a few days while the men exchanged presents such as cigarettes and plum puddings and played soccer. Shortly after, they went back to their respective trenches and the war continued

Christmas Trivia

Christmas Trivia

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