Interesting Trivia About George Washington


Interesting Trivia About George Washington

George Washington became the “Father of his country” with his many great achievements including the major role he played in the American Revolution and becoming the first American president. But there are some very interesting facts about this great leader that some people may not know.

  • Not having a great deal of money, George Washington had to borrow some to go to his own inauguration.

  • Jimmy Carter ordered Washington to be promoted posthumously to the position of six-star “General of the Armies of Congress.” Carter did this because he believed that the first President of America should also be America’s highest military official.

  • George Washington was the first President to have his picture displayed on a postage stamp.

  • Of the two Presidents to sign the U.S. Constitution, George Washington was one of the them. James Madison was the other.

  • George Washington had politics in his blood. He was a half first cousin twice removed of James Madison, a second cousin seven times removed of Queen Elizabeth II, a third cousin twice removed of Robert E. Lee, and an eighth cousin six times removed of Winston Churchill.

  • It’s clear that everyone wanted Washington as President. He’s the only President to ever have been voted in unanimously, receiving all sixty-nine of the votes that were cast.

  • Washington only had one tooth of his own during his inauguration. He would sometimes wear dentures made from ivory, lead, or other human or animal teeth. Good thing his inauguration speech was only 183 words long and only took 90 seconds to read. It was difficult for him because he only had one tooth.

  • Powdered wigs were very fashionable in the late 1700s. Washington however refused to wear one. He instead would put powder in his red-brown hair and put it in a short braid that would run down his back.

  • Washington carried a portable sundial with him.

  • Washington had six white horses in his stables. On his orders, these horses had their teeth brushed every morning.

  • Washington was the only president who didn’t live in Washington, D.C. This is because at the time of his presidency, the nation’s capital was in Philadelphia.

  • One of Washington’s favourite pastimes was to help fight fires. His favourite sports were fishing and fox hunting.

  • Although Washington’s birthday is celebrated on February 22, he was actually born on February 11, 1731.

  • Washington had smallpox as a child and his face was scarred from it.

  • Washington was the first Lieutenant General in American history.

  • At his home in Mount Vernon, Washington had two ice cream freezers installed.

  • Although his wife Martha had four children from her first marriage, George Washington had no biological children and so left no direct descendant.

  • It’s believed that Washington was named after George Eskridge. Eskridge was a lawyer who was named as guardian for Washington’s mother when her parents died.

  • Washington ordered that there be no swearing in the U.S. Army.

  • Washington’s boot size was 13.

  • Washington’s estimated I.Q. was 125.

  • Washington snored very loudly. 

George Washington

Interesting Trivia About George Washington

Interesting Trivia About George Washington

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