Bounce Sheets


Bounce Sheets

We all know that Bounce dryer sheets do a great job of eliminating static cling in the laundry. The people at Bounce have even placed a few suggestions on the outside of the box for other uses for Bounce around the home. But there are many more uses for this wonderful sheet that is becoming evermore versatile!

  • Bounce can be used as a mosquito repellent. Simply tie a sheet through a belt loop and it will keep the mosquitoes at bay.

  • Wiping the television screen or computer monitor with a Bounce sheet will help eliminate static on these surfaces and so, it will keep the dust from settling on them.

  • You can also use Bounce the same way on window blinds. Simply wipe with a Bounce sheet and the dust won’t resettle onto them.

  • Bounce can even help clean soap scum off of shower doors. To do this, take one used Bounce sheet and clean as you normally would.

  • Placing Bounce in a dresser drawer or in a closet will help to freshen the air inside, which often becomes stale and musty. If using scented Bounce sheets, it will also leave a nice, fresh scent.

  • Along the same idea, you can place a Bounce sheet inside luggage when it is empty and ready to be stored. It will keep the inside of the suitcase fresh and aromatic.

  • Bounce can also be added to your dishwashing routine as it removes hard, baked-on foods. Taking a Bounce sheet, place it in the pan or pot and fill with water. Let it sit overnight and then wash clean as normal. The anti-static properties of the sheet will help loosen the bond of the food to the dish and the fabric softening properties help to dissolve the baked-on food.

  • Use Bounce to pick up dog and cat hair. By running a sheet over the area, the hair will be attracted to the sheet and cling to it. The same thing can also be done with sawdust.

  • Bounce is a great deodorizer. Place in the bottom of dirty laundry hampers or place a sheet inside sneakers or shoes to make them smell nice and fresh


Bounce Sheets

Bounce Sheets

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