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10 of the Longest Rivers in Southeast Asia 4 of which are in Indonesia

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Southeast Asia is one of the Asian regions which has a lot of rivers, where most of the rivers are used for purposes such as transportation, aquaculture and water resources for agriculture.

Indonesia itself has many rivers. For some people the river is a place to survive and make a living. The importance of the river has become commonplace for people who live on the banks of the river.

But do you know Indonesia is also one of the longest rivers in Southeast Asia. Even 4 rivers in Indonesia are listed as the longest river in Southeast Asia.

Here is a list of the 10 longest rivers in Southeast Asia.

    Mekong River – 4,023 Km

The longest river in Southeast Asia, the first is the Mekong River with a length of about 4,023 km. In addition, the Mekong River is also the 12th longest river in the world after the Lena River in Siberia

The Mekong River is sourced on Mount Jifu in Zaduo county, Tibet, then flows into China, precisely in Yunnan Province, continues to flow into Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, to Vietnam.

  • Thanlwin River – 2815 Km

The longest river in Southeast Asia is the Thanlwin River with a length of about 2,815 km, where the river flows in three Asian countries namely China, Myanmar, and Thailand.

  • Irrawaddy River – 2170 Km

Next is the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar with a length of about 2,170 km, where in terms of trade as a river channel and watershed, it is the most important river in Myanmar.

    Chindwin River – 1207 Km

It seems that Myanmar has a lot of long rivers, where the Chindwin River is also in Myanmar which is a tributary of the Irrawaddy River with a length reaching 1,207 km. The Chindwin River is sourced from the Hukawng Valley, Kachin, Myanmar.

    Kapuas River – 1143 Km

The longest river in Southeast Asia Furthermore, the Kapuas River in Indonesia, more precisely located in the province of West Kalimantan with a length that reaches 1,143 km.

The name of the river is taken from the name of the source of the river namely Kapuas, but because this river also flows in the Lawie or Lawai area which is now better known as the Melawi Regency, then there is also someone who calls it the Batang Lawai river.

  • River Fly -1050 Km

Fly River is the second longest river on the island of Papua with a length of around 1,050 Km. This river that flows from Mount Emanuel Victor to the southeast in the Gulf of Papua.

The Fly River is also part of the border between the Indonesian state in the provinces of Papua and Papua New Guinea. The name Fly is taken from the name of the ship HMS Fly which was used by Captain Blackwood to explore the river mouth in 1842.

  • Mahakam River – 920 Km

The Mahakam River is the second longest river in Indonesia and the longest river in East Kalimantan, reaching 920 km in length. The river is sourced in West Kutai Regency and empties into the Makassar Strait.

From the beginning until now, the Mahakam River has an important role in the lives of the people of East Kalimantan such as water sources, aquaculture, and transportation facilities.

  • Barito River – 909 Km

Barito River or sometimes also called Dusun river is one of the longest rivers in Indonesia which is on the island of Kalimantan with a length reaching 909 km. The river is sourced from the Schwaner mountains in Central Kalimantan and empties into the Java Sea.

The name sungi was taken from the name of Barito Regency which was once the capital of Muara Teweh, which administratively entered the Central Kalimantan region.

  • Batang Batang Day – 800 Km

One more river in Indonesia which is included in the list of the longest rivers in Southeast Asia is the Batanghari River or sometimes also called the Hari River, which reaches 800 km in length. Batang Batang River is located on the island of Sumatra.

The Batanghari River is sourced on Mount Rasan in Solok Regency, North Sumatra continues to flow towards the Pagu River. In addition, there are also many other small rivers that flow into the Batanghari River.

  • Chi River – 765 Km

The longest river in Southeast Asia, the last is the Chi River in Thailand, which reaches 765 km in length, where the river originates in the Phetchabun mountains and empties into the Mun River. , where 3 rivers are located on the island of Borneo.

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