Indonesia will have the longest toll road in Indonesia, the Terbanggi Besar-Kayu Agung Toll Road which has a length of 185 kilometers.

This toll road will be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in August 2019. President Jokowi will inaugurate the Teranggi Besar -Kayu Agung Toll Road on Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17, 2019.

Yoni Satyo, as the Head of the Branch of PT Hutama Karya Terbanggi Besar-Kayu Agung Toll said, the toll road construction has reached 93%.

“What is not yet finished is the Simpang Pematang-Kayu Agung toll road and some points are still in the asphalting finishing stage,” Yoni said as quoted by

The finishing stage is the completion stage for guard rails, reflectors, road markings, barrier fields and toll gate Kayu Agung and Lambu Kibang.

With the operation of the Terbanggi Besar-Kayu Agung highway, it is hoped that the travel time from Bakauheni to Palembang will be accelerated from 10-12 hours to 4-5 hours.